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3rd Stage Seats

This is the last stage car seat you will need to buy. Your child can ride in a group 2/3 car seat once they achieve the weight of 15kg/33lbs.  By law they will need to ride in this seat until they reach 11 years of age or the height of 135cm (about 4 feet 5 inches.)

Group 2/3 car seats cover two types of products, high back booster seats and booster seats.

High back boosters offer great side impact protection as they have wings to protect your child head and shoulders, as well as their vital organs. Side impacts account for about one in every four accidents.

Booster seats without a back support are not protective to your child, it just sits them higher so that the seat belt sits on their shoulder. Using a booster leaves your child very exposed and open to serious injury in a collision. Escentially a 'Yellow Pages' could do the same job! (please don't try that!!)

There is no way on earth we would recommend any booster seat, ultimately high back boosters are really easy to swap from car to car and it just does not make any sense but to buy the best.

By now many parents buy their child a car seat purely based on price which is a great shame.  It seems crazy to us that parents are willing to spend hundreds of pounds on equipment in the early months but when the child gets to three or four they then want to spend just fifty pounds or so on a vital piece of safety equipment which should last for seven or eight years.


So what do you need to look for?

This seat should last for years and your child will naturally want to be comfortable. While some seats have adjustable head rest heights it is more useful to have one which physically "grows" as your child gets bigger.

A few can adjust in width as well and this too is very useful for your growing child.

Isofix is a great option at this stage if you have it; Many people forget to secure the seat when the child is not in it. Imagine you had a collision and the seat was not secured, the seat could seriously injure yourself or a passanger. Isofix means that it will always be fixed in.



In general most group 2/3 car seats fit reasonably well in most cars but again....... try before you buy!

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